what are hgv class 1 jobs!
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Hgv stands for heavy goods vehicle such a lorry, trucks etc. Any transport that is used to carry around heavy things is considered as hgv. People who are interested in logistics jobs have to take hgv driver training in order to handle such big vehicles.

Driving heavy vehicle is very different from light vehicles that you normally drive like cars. The reason is that hgv functions are slightly different from lgv and requires more effort and presence of mind. The clutch and brakes in hgv are in different positions, the steering might be harder to turn and you cannot simply turn your neck to reverse it. Big vehicles need more space to move and make bigger turns. So if driving it in congested are requires a lot of skill and training.

People, who opt for hgv class 1 job, first have to go through hgv driver training. Once they are ready, they are giving trucks and lorry loaded with containers or larger things to be transported from place to another. A proper schedule has to be followed by the drivers and the delivery should be made on time. At times, hgv drivers have to go miles away for delivering the stuff.

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